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The Advantages of Applying to Study in Canada as a High School Student

Studying abroad is a great way for high school students to expand their knowledge and experience different cultures. Canada is a great option for high school students looking to gain a new and unique educational experience, with no formal tests required for admission and the ability to easily apply to US universities. Not only that, but Canada offers a cost-efficient education with a good quality of living, making it the perfect choice for those wishing to study abroad.

No Formal Entry Test Required

You do not need to submit any formal language scores, such as IELTS or TOEFL, to apply to become a high school student in Canada. A remote interview with a Canadian secondary school teacher is usually sufficient for admission. Studying in Canada in high school paves the way for future admission to a prestigious university in Canada or the United States. There is no standardized “college entrance exam” or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in Canada.

Admissions to Canada’s ninety-six public universities are based entirely on the grades given for your Grade 11 and 12 courses by the high school which you have attended. The high school graduation rate in Canada is very high, and international students with secondary school graduation diplomas from Canadian school districts have a great advantage over those who have not been students here when applying to prestigious American and Canadian universities, including the University of British Columbia.

Apply To U.S Universities More Easily

Being a high school graduate here provides you with a greater opportunity to be accepted by American universities, too. As a Canadian high school graduate, you can apply to U.S. universities with the advantage of being treated as a Canadian for admission purposes. There are plenty of spots for Canadian high-school graduates in American universities, and the acceptance rate for top schools is higher among Canadians than international students. In addition, completing three years of high school (Grades 10, 11, and 12) in Canada does not require that an international student take additional courses. 

In particular, as a Canadian high school graduate you will not need to provide additional proof of competency in English such as IELTS or TOEFL scores in order to be accepted into a prestigious Canadian university: your admission will be based on your Grade 11/12 average alone.

Cost-Effective Tuition

Your Canadian secondary school tuition will be highly cost-effective. Canadian high school tuition and living expenses will cost you only about 30k to 40k (Canadian dollars) per year. On average, tuition and health insurance costs are about $18,000 a year, and room and board costs are about $1,150 a month. That’s about $30,000 to $40,000 (Cdn) per year.

Good Quality of Living

Canadian host families are friendly, and will provide an English-speaking living and learning environment. 

The typical Canadian secondary school focuses on the overall quality of learning, and students are put under less pressure than in American schools because there is no SAT. Current secondary school international students can easily be enrolled in local Canadian high schools. Once enrolled, students can enjoy the same high-quality Canadian basic education resources as local students. After completing the required number of credits, an international student will receive a Canadian high school graduation certificate and the official transcripts that he or she will require for university applications.

Canadian Secondary School Application Process

1. Study Abroad Consultation 

2. Study abroad assessment and program development 

3. Study abroad documents preparation 

4. School application submission and school interview guidance 

5. Visa processing and language training

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In conclusion, studying in Canada as a high school student has many advantages. The lack of formal tests required to apply simplifies the whole process. Furthermore, international students are given the opportunity to easily apply to some of the best universities in the US. Additionally, tuition and living costs in Canada are more cost-efficient than in many other countries. Finally, the quality of living offered in Canada is one of the best in the world. All these factors together make Canada an attractive option for studying as a high school student.

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