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General English Course

The General English Program-ESL program at Ouya Education provides learners with three levels, from Beginner to Advanced.

This program principally focuses on improving students’ reading, writing, and speaking skills. The classes are conducted both online and on the ground.

The general English courses are designed for learners of all levels of English language competency, and have an emphasis on acquiring fluency in speaking and written communication, and involve a high level of learner participation. The goal of all these courses is to improve the student’s accuracy and fluency as he or she moves up the levels from beginner to advanced plus.

These courses will give the students the skills that they need to communicate effectively in English, and will provide students with a strong foundation in grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and spoken English.

  • You want to improve your English level
  • You want to get a competitive advantage at work
  • You would benefit from English immersion
  • You want to meet people from around the world
  • You want to increase your fluency when talking to native English speakers
  • You want to have a little fun while you learn

Quick Facts

Available Levels:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Start Date:
Begin any Monday
Victoria, BC
Lesson Length:
Each block is 45 minutes
Minimum one week
No Maximum duration
Class Size:
Maximum class size is 15

How ESL Programs Help Students Learn English

Designed especially for Non-English native speakers.

ESL, a common abbreviation used in schools, stands for ‘English as a Second Language.” Schools often use the term ESL when describing English language programs that educate students who are not native English speakers. ESL programs are designed to give students special attention while learning and practicing English so they can be integrated into a regular English language classroom.

ESL instructors are different

Instructors of ESL programs are trained instructors who specialize in training students whose native language is not English. Therefore, they can use effective teaching methods and strategies to help students learn English as fast as possible. They know that language is more than oral communication, and use the English language arts “strands”: speaking, listening, reading, writing, and representing.

What ESL Programs Do

Many public K-12 schools will place students in an ESL program if their English is not strong enough for them to function autonomously in a classroom where English is the language of instruction. Such programs are offered to both immigrant children and foreign exchange students if screening tests suggest that a student needs extra help learning the English language. A command of English is very important to help all students reach their vocational and educational goals. Choosing a good English learning program is important for students who intend to master English in a short period of time.

Why good ESL programs are important

Many ESL students enrolled in a public school system or a private school are planning to further their educations or even build their careers in the receiving, English-speaking country. ESL programs are usually the first learning programs students will enroll into after they leave their home countries. A good ESL program will help students improve their spoken and written English more efficiently than simply mainstreaming them in an English-speaking classroom.

ESL Program Expectations

The amount of time that students will spend in an ESL program will depend upon their initial level of comprehension of the English language, both in speech and in writing. New students who know little or no English may spend most of the school day in an ESL class at the beginning of their studies in an English-speaking country. However, the goal is always to integrate ESL students into regular classes across the curriculum.

What ESL teachers do in their classrooms

ESL Teachers will integrate ESL learners into regular subject-area classrooms as they become more proficient in speaking, reading, and writing English. Teachers and their aides in an ESL program do not have to know every native language of the ESL students in their classrooms. Over time, they may pick up a few words from their students, but their primary focus is teaching the students how to speak, read, and understand English. Immersion effectively means using only English as the language of instruction and communication.

Can you start an ELS program if your functional English level is low?

Students who understand and can speak basic English may begin with only an hour or two in an ESL program per day; they will spend the rest of the school day in preparing and reviewing course materials. Such activities will help ESL students increase their efficiency as learners in all subjects.

What extra benefits can an ESL program bring you?

Some ESL programs go well beyond language learning. Many will help immigrant students adjust to local society and culture. Students enrolled in ESL classes will often take these lessons home to share with their parents.

Why Choose Us for your ESL Program?

Excellent instructors and supportive learning environment

We employ some of the best ESL teachers here in Victoria, and utilize high-quality facilities. We offer instruction in small classes at a range of levels. The location will always be modern, comfortable, and accessible. Other aspects include first-class teaching and exciting, mentally engaging activities.

Rich Learning Activities

We regularly organize some school activities and culture lectures to help students better understand local culture and customs. We also help students find some speaking partners among local students to help them get more speaking and writing opportunities in learning English.

Good reviews from past students

Our programs and services are consistently top-rated among students and their friends and parents. Many of our past students have recommended us to their friends and relatives.

Online and on-the-ground learning modules

We offer both and on-ground learning programs to meet students who can come to Victoria in person. However, we also offer students the opportunity to start their English learning journey in their home countries via web-based, in-person programs.

Tuition rates

We offer highly competitive tuition rates to students who are serious about their English learning. We regularly offer tuition scholarships and discounts to students who can act as our ambassadors to help us promote our English programs.

Align your English goals with your future study and career goals

When you learn English with OUYA International, we will help you identify, define, and reach your goals. You will improve your English language skills dramatically. We will also offer university application services to students who plan to study here in American and Canadian universities and colleges.

Study materials

We use up-to-date ESL textbooks and self-prepared ESL study materials that are being constantly edited based on student feedback and our classroom experiences. This constant revision and updating of our learning materials will significantly help students increase their learning of academic English.

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