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School Application Service

Ouya Education provides school admission application services including from elementary school to high school admission application assistance and university applications service to high school graduates who would like to study in universities in North America.

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Victoria, BC

Study Abroad

Ouya International is a study-abroad education business that focuses on Canadian school applications and visas. The whole process of this study-abroad service is limited in scope but precise, as we provide personalized “butler” service for our clients. All of our staff members have been engaged in all stages of Canadian study abroad applications and visas for more than eight years; and as a result of our assistance, our clients’ acceptance to top schools has reached 100%, and the success of the visa applications has reached over 95%. As a result of the excellent reputations of our clients, we have developed a very good relationship with Canadian public universities and colleges, and are familiar with the admission rates of each post-secondary institution, as well as the applicable policies of Canadian immigration.

Our Service scope covers the following phases of the application process:

  1. Pre-planning: We conduct academic background analysis, English level assessment, college matching, language learning guidance, study plan development, study abroad time planning, and application plan development.
  2. Stages of Application: We cover all steps, from the signing of the final letter, information collection, collection of academic documents, targeting of application institutions, collection of documents, writing, revision, finalization, interview counseling, to the submission of application.
  3. Stages of Admissions: We offer tracking the client’s progress in the admissions process, submitting relevant documents according to school requirements (guidance on notarization, certification, score delivery, guidance on sending), following up on admissions results, accepting notification letters, guidance on tuition payment, clearing admissions conditions.
  4. The Visa phase: Here we offer our clients guidance on visa material preparation, financial plan planning, medical examination appointments, fingerprinting appointments, material production, translation, completing official paperwork, final submission, and a carful follow-up of results of the visa application.
  5. Pre-departure guidance: Here we look after airline ticket booking, pick-up and accommodation arrangements, specific guidance on studying abroad, an essential luggage list, first-time immigration counseling, and training on how to deal with the immigration situation.

Other value-added services that we cover include the following:

  1. Family visits for family members.
  2. Planning and guidance on course selection for students.
  3. Student services, including college communication guidance (email/professor interview guidance), and school account usage guidance.
  4. Study permit monitoring and renewal to avoid overstaying and other problems that may affect the client’s studies.
  5. Undergraduate course synchronization tutoring, including 20 hours of video classes, one year of follow-up by North American academic planning teachers, course selection guidance, and communication follow-up.
  6. High school course synchronous tutoring. The results of the whole process of monitoring, reporting, and analysis of follow-up, matching one-to-one synchronous course tutoring class 1, for students in each subject. We explain learning difficulties, focus on analysis, and do everything necessary to help the client achieve a maximal improvement of results.
  7. Inbound and outbound transfer services.
  8. In-country education and immigration guidance (undergraduate and graduate).

The advantages of using our services include the following:

  1. Ten years of experience in the Canadian study abroad industry and a manager-level professional team to expedite your application results.
  2. Compared with large study abroad companies, we adhere to the family private customized study abroad consultation model, focusing on the service quality and results of individual students. We treat every customer as a VIP customer.
  3. Our application team streamlines the service model and rejects the assembly line approach. Increase communication efficiency and reduced communication costs make our service processes more transparent and efficient.
  4. We offer a double guarantee of our service processes and results. We refuse to advertise, and achieve positive results through word-of-mouth testimonials from actual customers.
  5. We operate on a seven-day/24-hour service model. Employing the concept of non-stop service, we promptly deal with every question our clients submit about the process of studying abroad. We can solve any issue in a timely and effective manner.

Testimonials for Study Abroad Service

Ouya International has helped hundreds of International students realize their dreams in Canada and the U.S.A. Some of those excellent students have successfully been admitted to top universities including Princeton University, Columbia University, the University of Southern California, and the University of Toronto.

Here are a few past students’ testimonials:

I enjoyed my English studies at Ouya International, and used Ouya’s univesity application service while I was studying in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada,. as a high school student. I would say Ouya’s service have significantly changed my study path. I received the President Entry Scholarship from Abilene Christian University for four years as an undergrad student, and after my undergraduate graduation I became a PhD student in biochemistry at the University of Southern California. I am very appreciative of the faculty members’ professional help, for example, Dr. Allingham, one of my favorite instructors at Ouya International.
My name is Jason Li, and I am currently a fourth-year student at Waterloo University, majoring Computer Science. My English has improved markedly through the English programs offered by Ouya International. I received an overall score of 7 on the IELTS exam, and scored 8 in the writing section. With Ouya International’s professional assistance, I successfully applied to the prestigious University of Waterloo, Ontario.
Jason Li
I am currently a first-year PhD student at the University of Toronto, majoring in biology. I studied with Ouya International while I was a high school student in Victoria, BC. With OUYA’s help. my English improved considerably, particularly my academic English. OUYA helped me build a great foundation for my English skills.
I studied with Ouya International for my Grade 12 English course in British Columbia, a class that I enjoyed very much. With my excellent English skills, I have earned university scholarships and great internships; for example, I have worked in the Fermilab as a research intern in the summer of 2022.
Ziyu Gao
I am currently working at a multinational company as a managerial professional. I studied IELTS with Ouya International for about two semesters, and I received a full score in listening comprehension and an overall score of 7 in IELTS. With the help of Ouya International I was admitted into an excellent university.
Lily J