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IELTS Preparation Course

The IELTS Preparation Course is based on a time-tested curriculum that has helped thousands of international students achieve their goals (university entrance) over the past fifteen years, including many international high school students from Greater Victoria.

The language proficiency lessons are designed to provide maximum teacher-to-student interaction, and to offer numerous opportunities for students to practice and refine their spoken and written English for each section of the test.

Students in this course will acquire through personalized feedback the language skills that the IELTS, developed in Britain and Australia, requires for the test. The course helps students develop and practice their IELTS test-taking strategies, and is aimed at helping students to attain an overall score of at least 6.5 on IELTS.

Quick Facts

Start Date:
Begin any Monday
Victoria, BC

How should you prepare for the IELTS Test?

Always prepare early

You should start to prepare for the IELTS exam at least three months in advance of the actual test date. You may have to start preparing even earlier, depending on your target scores across the four modules since some North American universities have very high entrance standards. Last-minute cramming is a poor way of preparing for the IELTS; thorough preparation requires time, commitment, and guidance.

Find a good one one-on-one and small group study

OUYA International emphasizes one-on-one and small group study. To help you prepare for the IELTS exam, OUYA International offers one-on-one and group practice sessions that will equip you with a variety of study aids. OUYA International invites you to explore our website further so you can get an accurate sense of our services.

Regular feedback on your learning progress

If you are hoping to do well on the IELTS, you must prepare for taking the test with expert assistance and guidance over several months. OUYA International has compiled exercises and put together materials that will greatly assist you in getting ready to write the test. We will also provide you practice tests with set time limits. We will provide you highly specific feedback after you have taken a practice test, especially focusing on your competencies in speaking and writing.

Understanding the test formats

Become familiar with the IELTS test format by reviewing the test content under the guidance of our instructors, who will give you targeted feedback as you practice material for each module by giving you specific questions and critiquing your answers. You must read through the IELTS rules and regulations, which you will better understand by working with the guidance of OUYA International’s instructors.

IELTS official practice tests

You should know about your strengths and weaknesses before you take your test; you can assess your own abilities by taking at least one official IELTS practice test. The IELTS Progress Check is an official IELTS online marked practice test. This online check will show you what your band score is likely to be, and will give specific feedback about what you need to do in order to improve.

Test Strategies

OUYA International will help you become familiar with the testing formats and appropriate test-taking strategies. OUYA International will furnish sample questions to help you better prepare for the actual IELTS test. You will know what to expect in the subtests (modules) of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. We will also provide tailor-made test strategies to each student based on his or her English levels.

Focus on addressing your weaknesses

There are four parts or modules in the IELTS test: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Every student will have a weaker performance on one of the four parts; most students will tend to have more difficulties in speaking and writing than in reading and listening. Thus, you should focus on your weaknesses in order to increase your overall score eventually.

What Are the Benefits of Taking IELTS Coaching?

How does an IELTS program enhance a student's competency in English?

The IELTS preparation lessons will provide meaningful practice sessions that maximize teacher-student dialogue. The training course offers many chances for those attending each session to try out their spoken and written English in a variety of relevant practice activities. Gradually students will improve their communication skills, and acquire the types of spoken and written English skills required to do well on each portion of the academic language test.

IELTS coaching can help students improve their test-taking strategies

We understand that the IELTS test can be challenging for candidates for whom English is not the native language. A good IELTS program can help students to develop the best test-taking strategies. Our knowledge of best practice in preparing for the IELTS has been accumulated by our instructors through their diverse and extensive classroom teaching experiences.

The Benefits of Taking IELTS Preparation with OUYA International

Without targeted and repeated practice, your chances of obtaining 6.5 or better in each of the four IELTS modules are not good. You should not expect to do well on the four IELTS modules unless you prepare for the test with trained teachers who have a thorough knowledge of the IELTS tests and have been training IELTS students for many years.

IELTS course can provide you with precise study information

OUYA International will provide you with the precise study materials you need in order to be well-prepared for the IELTS test. Our instructors will provide you with accurate study materials for learning academic English, and will help you get good scores on the IELTS test. However, our instruction is not only about the IELTS test; our intention is to help you to improve your overall English skills for your future studies and vocation. The student who has taken the OUYA International program will have a stronger knowledge of the English language generally and academic English in particular.

OUYA International will help you save time in preparing for IELTS

Nowadays everyone is busy. With proper coaching and experienced teachers’ help, we teach our students how to efficiently prepare for the IELTS modules. Students who do our IELTS preparation courses will find that they complete the test easily, with time to spare.

Engaging Learning Environment

Getting into an IELTS program will introduce you to students and teachers who work together as a team toward getting high IELTS scores.

Assessment ‘practice’ test before taking the real test

Instructors in the program can accurately assess your proficiency level before your real exam date. Their targeted training will help you build your confidence and address your weaknesses before you take the real exam. Practice tests, especially listening and speaking components, are critical to achieving the high standard required by post-secondary institutions in the United States and Canada.

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