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Which article in IELTS reading should I do first?

There are three main articles in the IELTS reading test, and the background knowledge, question type and difficulty involved in each article will be different. Then, candidates have some doubts about which article they should do first in the IELTS reading package to save time and improve efficiency?

When preparing for the IELTS reading test, most candidates mistakenly believe that the difficulty level of the three essays is increasing; consequently, during the test, if they find themselves running out of time, they will not pay much attention to the third essay. In fact, this would be a mistake since the third essay is equally important because the difficulty of reading articles does not range from easy to difficult; rather, the order is randomized. The decisions about which one to do first requires that candidates analyze all three rationally.

Since IELTS reading articles have been divided into subject-matter inspection and question-type inspection, candidates can actually analyze each article from these two perspectives to see which one they should do first, which second, and which last.

IELTS reading articles are usually divided into three categories: biology, geography, and social sciences. Different categories contain a considerable amount of content, so that candidates should become familiar with these subjects at the senior secondary level. For example, biological sciences are one of the subjects that are often examined, frequently involving such topics as the living habits of animals, and genetic and organ research. Geographical themes are more difficult because they tend to involve considerable professional knowledge and a wide range of topics, such as weather forecasting, desertification, climate, and so on. Social science topics are a relatively large category, and include many small branches, such as education, history, archaeology and so on.

After the candidates have taken the test paper, they should browse through all the main titles, subtitles, illustrations, and the first sentences of each of the three articles; candidates should always choose an article that has content with which they are more familiar in terms of understanding the subject matter. After all, the background knowledge required to read such articles and associated proper nouns should be relatively familiar to candidates, and it will be easier for them to do such questions.

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