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Four factors should be considered in choosing a major

  1. Choose something that you are passionate about. If you are not interested in what you will study in the future, you more likely will not enjoy the learning process, let alone the learning outcome. Yes, being a lawyer means that you will earn a high income, but will you be happy researching the minutiae of a case and arguing case law?
  2. The prospective job market is also an important factor to be considered when a student is choosing a university major. Students and their parents should do some investigation about trends in the job market. Where will the student with a certain major have to live to practice the profession? Where, according to the job market, will the student have to relocate as some majors have only limited utility in certain places—small towns, for example, do not need as many engineers as metropolitan
    areas. For example, consider the problem facing majors in mining and oil exploration. Students should also consider the competition from the international markets if companies can outsource what they do in the domestic market.
  3. Consider the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. How might AI impact a person’s career if in the future AI technology can impact his or her position in the job market. For example, many companies are now using AI for their bookkeeping practices, and therefore do not need as many clerical staff. AI-powered book-keeping services may in fact provide more efficient accounting than actual accountants.
  4. Challenges and learning opportunities from the professions should also be a factor that students should consider when choosing majors. If a student cannot learn new methods and challenge him- or herself in the early years of professional practice, the student may be able to continue to grow professionally and adjust in a changing job market.

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